scalping-policy | IKON Group


IKON provides a very attractive commission plan through its scalping scheme. Approved scalpers get highly competitive fixed commission plan. To protect mutual benefits of IKON Group and the Scalpers and to foster encouraging trading behaviors, IKON has the corresponding policy of scalping.

IKON provides scalping accounts for traders who wish to scalp. Customers are required to inform IKON of their intention to scalp in their open account application form and their accounts will be labeled as scalping accounts.

According to IKON policy scalping is defined as a method traders use where they open and close trades within 120 seconds, and these Scalping trades constitute more than 25% of the total trading.

Scalpers are allowed to trade on the Turbo Meta, Maximus and Prodigy Platforms.

In the event, any client utilizes Scalping trades (as defined above), and does not declare that he is a Scalper, then IKON is entitled, at its sole discretion, to deduct any profit generated from the scalping trades and the client hereby undertakes not to object or contest such deduction of the said profits.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


IKON also provides 7 advanced trading platforms for a variety of financial products including Forex, Metals (Spot Gold and Silver), Options, Futures, CFDs, and NDF.

On IKON’s stable and reliable platforms, our price feeds are retrieved from the world’s major bank’s liquidity providers. This together with our cutting-edge technology allowed us to offer the tightest pricing which is coupled with minimum slippage and instant sub-second execution.


IKON’s cutting edge trading platforms provide you groundbreaking levels of stability and reliability, the tightest pricing and liquidity pumped by major Prime Broker Banks, which coupled with Minimum slippage and instant sub-second trading. The platforms support a full range of financial products such as Forex, Metals (Spot Gold and Silver), FX Options, Futures, CFDs and NDF.

  • Advanced order execution algorithms which enable unparalleled trading speed;
  • Numerous trading tools, including MAM & PAMM, Virtual Private Servers, Trading Facilities for partners, White Label Technology and many others;
  • Most flexible and lucrative conditions offered to Brokers and Partners;
  • Highest level of Security of Funds;
  • Trading margins up to 1:500;
  • Numerous trading technologies including charts, technical indicators, line studies, custom indicators, scripts and trade signal generation.