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MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the most widely used Forex trading platform in the Forex industry today. It presents users with a multitude of tools which make forex trading easier, and provides a uniform interface for trading between different forex trading brokers. IKON Group offers brokers and traders three MT4 platforms: Maximus MT4 Platform, Turbo Meta MT4 Platform and Multibank MT4 Platform.

MT4 Forex Trading Platform

IKON Group is pleased to offer you access to the MT4 trading platforms. You will gain all the benefits from quality trade executions, Expert Advisors, tightest Spreads, Personalized customer service and all the features of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

Advantages of MT4 Forex Trading Platform

  • User friendly interface with no real complexities.
  • No Language barriers. IKON's MT4 trading platforms enable traders and brokers across the world to convert the data in the MT4 platform to their language of choice.
  • MT4 possesses both charting and trading capabilities all packed in one user friendly package.
  • Large number of technical indicators and line studies
  • Very important and popular feature that MT4 offers its users is to automate their trading through the use of Expert Advisors (EA).
  • Support of various timeframes (from one minute up to monthly) MT4 platform provides its users with easy access to view personal information such as account balances, account history, access details, change of password etc.
  • MT4 is a very secure and highly safe trading platform and server is scripted through 129-bit key and it also conceals the server's IP address.
  • IKON's MT4 platforms offer 24 Forex Currency pairs and live streaming executable rates
  • On IKON's MT4 platforms also provide you quality Forex News and up-to-to date Forex information.

Moreover our MT4 platforms are fully customizable and our Clients can tailor MT4 to satisfy their own needs.

Advantages of IKON MT4 Forex Trading Platform

IKON's MT4 Trading Platforms

IKON Group provides the Forex Traders and Brokers three great MT4 trading platforms:

IKON's MT4 Forex Trading Platform

IKON Turbo Meta MT4 Platform

Turbo Meta is heavily invested MT4 trading software developed by IKON Group, simple, elegant and effective. The easy interface allows traders and investors to navigate effectively around the platform. Turbo Meta is designed to facilitate the trading strategies on various financial products, such as spot Forex, spot silver and gold.

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IKON Maximus MT4 Platform

IKON Maximus offers great flexibility and customization to Forex traders for increasingly demanded trading experiences. Maximus offers deep liquidity and transparency into the Forex trading market, real-time no delay trades execution, usability and performance to traders and investors.

IKON MultiBank MT4 Forex Trading Platform

IKON Maximus MT4 Forex Trading Platform

IKON Multibank MT4 Platform

IKON's Multibank MT4 platform offers traders and investors the floating spread trading experiences for better investment strategies and risk management. The superior infrastructure of Multibank MT4 even adopts a private network to ensure the immediate and prompt trade execution.

Trade Metals on IKON MT4 Platform

What can you Trade on IKON's MT4 platforms?

Trade Forex on MT4 Platforms

Foreign Exchange (Forex or FX) is one of the key products offered by IKON Group on its trading platforms. Our Forex trading platforms execute trades worth over 2 billion USD per day with a yearly turnover in 2010 exceeding US $580 Billion. IKON Group offers a great range of trading platforms that support online Forex trading, tailored to suit all Forex trading styles.

Trade Metals on IKON MT4 Platform
Trade Forex on IKON MT4 Platform

Trade Metals on MT4 Platforms

Trade precious metals, including gold and silver online with IKON Group MT4 trading platforms. IKON Group offers active Metals Traders, top-of-the-line tools for the convenience of their trading needs. IKON brings the same online technology and efficiency to trading Bullion.

Trade CFDs on MT4 Platforms

IKON Group offers the most flexible online trading forex options with Contract for Difference (CFDs) to traders who are looking for CFDs products. IKON Group offers CFD instruments in a substantial number, including equities and commodities in the European, U.S., and Asian Markets, including Brent Crude Oil and Bullion contracts.

Trade CDFs on IKON MT4 Platform