Precious Metals

With a worldwide network of Precious Metals dealers, producers, consumers and speculators, IKON Group brings a breadth of experience to our clients. Instant executions, position tracking, account management, narrow spreads, and first-ever market depth on Bullion are among the many features available for Metals Traders.

Benefit of Trading Gold & Metals with IKON Group

  • Leverage up to 1:250;
  • 24 hours trading from 5 p.m. EST Sunday until 5 p.m. EST Friday with no exception other than the official holidays and when local markets are closed;
  • Volatile markets presenting many trading opportunities in rising and falling markets;
  • First-ever market depth on Bullion available.
Spot Gold and Silver

Please choose your IKON Group Gold & Metals Trading Platform

Floating Average Bullion Spread    
Multibank PRO Floating* ₵25 Open a Live Account in minutes
ECN Meta Floating* ₵25 Open a Live Account in minutes
Prodigy Floating* ₵25 Open a Live Account in minutes
Turbo Meta Fixed* ₵30 Open a Live Account in minutes
Maximus Fixed/floating* ₵30 Open a Live Account in minutes

*Under normal market conditions.
*Market order/Instant order at the option of the client.

Trading Hours
Our trading hours are from 10 p.m. GMT Sunday, until 10 p.m. GMT Friday with no exception other than the official holidays when local markets are closed.
Leverage and Minimum Deposit
Minimum deposit is $150
Minimum Leverage for Spot metals 1:20
Clients can trade spot bullion on IKON Maximus MT4, IKON Turbo MT4 and IKON Multibank MT4 and IKON Prodigy ,
There are no transactional commission costs other than the bid and ask price.
Order Types
We offer streaming dealable prices and fast efficient execution.
Market Orders :An order to buy or sell immediately at the best available price
Limit Orders :An order to buy or sell at a specified target price or better
Stop Orders :An order to buy or sell when the market surpasses a specified price. This order is usually used to stop losses but can also be used as an entry order
OCO Orders:One cancels the other. One limit and one stop order where the fill of one leg cancels the other leg
If Done Orders :A two legged order where the fill of the first leg activates the second leg
Trailing Stops :A stop orders that remains at a fixed amount below the market price. The stop level is automatically adjusted as the price fluctuates and lets profit run while limiting loss
Instruments and Spreads
Gold spreads from 25 cents wide.
Silver is 3 cent wide
Minimum and Maximum Lot Size
The minimum lot size for Gold is 10 ounces and maximum lot size is 1,000 ounces, while the minimum lot size for Silver is 500 ounce and maximum lot size is 50,000.
Account Types
Multibank & Turbo & Maximus & Prodigy : Client Account, Multi Account Manager (MAM), Multi Terminal
You can open full functional 30 day demo account here.
Introducing Broker Opportunities
Platform can be customized so that the IB can add commission and spread to the original spread; For more details send email to
Account Opening Procedure
IKON Group accepts applications both via hard copy pdfs and online application. You can find all account opening related information under our Account Opening page.
Our Account Opening process takes on average 2 business days, after receipt of all documents.
Support and Technical Assistance
- Email:
- Phone: +1 800-725-7840