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What are the Advantages of Trading Spot Gold for Gold Traders?

April 12th, 2012 | by | forex trading


Spot gold trading is becoming more and more popular as an investment and safekeeping method nowadays because investors have seen the stability and profitability in investing spot gold. If you are interested in trading spot gold, it is a better idea to find an excellent spot gold platform which will help a lot. I have written an article to introduce the best spot gold trading platform named: trading gold with the best gold trading platforms. Today I will discuss what the advantages of trading spot gold are.

Advantage No. 1 of trading spot gold: trading with leverage

How much spot gold traders can trade depends on how much money they have in their trading account as well as the trading brokers’ leverage and margin requirements. Leverage magnify the buying power of gold traders; for example, if a trader uses 50:1 leverage in trading spot gold and there are 100 dollars in his trading account, then he have the trading power of 5,000$. Leverage provides chances to make more profit for traders who do not have enough funds to trade.

Advantage No. 2 of trading spot gold: trade in liquidity market

It is important to consider the liquidity of the market before traders invest in the market. Liquidity refers to how quickly an asset can be converted into cash; in other words, it is how quickly a trader can exit positions after he enters into positions. Forex market is the world’s largest marketplace with over $4 trillion dollars of trading volume on a daily basis, which means that traders are able to exit a trade easily whenever they are willing to.

Advantage No. 3 of trading spot gold: flexibility in trading time

Some people who work nine-to-five want to invest in stock market but find that it is impossible because the stock market has already closed when these people get off work. But trading gold enables traders to trade 24 hours a day from 5:00 pm Eastern time on Sunday to 5:00 pm Eastern time on Friday, which provides much flexibility to traders and accordingly attracts more and more people who want to get money by making use of their free time.

Advantage No. 4 of trading spot gold: excellent services provided by brokers

Trading spot gold in a gold trading platform means that traders are able to get the services fromthe broker. Normally, novice traders tend to have many questions about gold trading such as how to trade and how to get profits etc. With the help of excellent services, traders may get their answers quickly.

Advantage No. 5 of trading spot gold: make profits both in up and down market

It is a distinguished advantage of spot gold trading that traders are able to make profits when the market is either up or down. When traders analyze that gold price is going to fall down, they are able to exchange gold for U.S. dollars and vice verse, if traders analyze that gold price will go up, they are able to exchange U.S dollar for gold in order to make profits.

Advantage No. 6 of trading spot gold: practice before trading for real

Practice makes perfect, if you are an experienced spot gold trader, you will know the importance of practicing with demo account. Many trading platforms provide free demo account for spot gold traders to gain experience. Spot gold traders should make full use of the convenience to practice their trading skills and develop trading strategies in order to get fully prepared for real spot gold trading.


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