IKON's Franchise Scheme

Renowned banks and financial institutions all use IKON Group services. Commencing August 2013, the IKON Group Board of Directors took the decision to establish a new Franchise Scheme. In this Franchise Scheme, IKON Group gives exclusivity to elected partners, in certain jurisdictions, to represent IKON and its brand name through associated offices to be managed by our elected Franchise Partners.

Who can become a Franchise Partner ?

The Franchise Scheme is available to experienced partners who are able to promote IKON Group in their region and manage a local office. Special partnership conditions and individual attention to each representative help to achieve maximum efficient work.

Some of the Benefits of the Franchise Scheme Program:

  • P/L Sharing;
  • Arranging Joint Seminars and training courses;
  • Office establishment and support;
  • Joint implementation in online marketing channels including, but not limited to, Search Engines Display, Banners, Pay per Click marketing, Email, Mobile and Social Media Marketing;
  • Joint Website Hosting;
  • Client support and consulting.
Security of Funds

Franchise Scheme

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