Established on Wall Street in 1995, IKON Group is one of the world's leading providers of financial products, brokerage services and advanced trading technologies. The IKON Group comprises of a number of companies across the world, which service, support and promote our world-renowned Financial Products. IKON Group is headquartered in Hong Kong and in February 2013, increased its paid up capital by US $322 million, making it one of the largest Foreign Exchange Traders in the world.


A Global Leader in the Financial Derivatives Industry

IKON GROUP Introduction

IKON Group's advanced trading platforms execute trades worth over US $4 billion per day. In 2012 our nominal turnover exceeded US$ 712 billion, 60% of which is driven by Banks and Institutional Clients. We operate in over 90 countries with more than 120,000 Clients worldwide and our Group of Companies is regulated on 4 continents around the world. IKON Group offers its valued customers cutting edge trading technology, platform stability and unbeatable pricing in the field of online financial trading in products, including but not limited to, Foreign Exchange, Metals, Futures, Options, Non-Deliverable forwards (NDF) and Contracts For Differences (CFDs). We also provide tailored products for our institutional partners, which include, but are not limited to, the greatest security of funds through Custodial Accounts with Deutsche Bank and UBS. ECN systems and raw price feeds, White Labels, Franchise Schemes, customised front, middle and back office solutions, the tightest of spreads, the largest of rebates and many others.



IKON Group operates an ECN trading system, being a completely automatic trading desk with no human intervention through its own liquidity provider network. This enables all the transactions of IKON Group clients to be hedged through the IKON ECN directly to IKON's liquidity providers such as Deutsche Bank, United Bank of Switzerland, JP Morgan, Citibank, Barclays, Dresdner Bank, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs. As a result of IKON's Automatic Trading Desk, the Execution of the Client's trades eliminated any conflict of interest between IKON and its Clients by streaming all trades directly to the ECN. Every trade is placed with IKON liquidity providers who compete to provide IKON with the best spreads for the benefit of its Clients worldwide with the tightest of Forex spreads.

IKON GROUP Companies

24/7 First Class Service

Regulatory Status

IKON Group maintains a global presence you can rely on to provide 24/7 first class service, with IKON USA in the New York (exclusive partner with NASDAQ), IKON Finance in London(regulated by the FCA with license number 525113), IKON Australia (DBA IKON Australia) in Sydney (regulated by the ASIC with license number 416729), IKON NZ in Auckland, IKON Russia in Moscow, IKON Pacific in Malaysia, IKON Financial Services Corporation and IKON MEX Limited with several branches in China (licensed by the Chinese Government of Tianjin), IKON International in Hong Kong, IKON Menkul in Turkey and coming soon in 2013, IKON Middle East in Dubai (to be regulated by the Dubai Multi Commodities Center [DMCC]), IKON Atlantic in the Bahamas, MultiBank Europe in London (to be regulated by the FCA) and MultiBank BVI in the British Virgin Islands.


Regulation and Security of Funds

The IKON Group of Companies is heavily regulated worldwide on 4 continents. To this end, they are obliged to meet the most strict capital adequacy requirements and undertake robust and independent financial audits coupled with the duty to protect the customer's funds as dictated and required by IKON's Financial Regulators worldwide. The Financial Conduct Authority of the UK guarantees safety of funds for customers of IKON Finance up to GBP 85,000 (about USD $140,000), per each account. In 2013 IKON Group announced the launch of new custodial account program for large institutional and individual clients, developed in partnership with Deutsche Bank and UBS to ensure an unparalleled level of Funds Security. The new method allows IKON's large corporate clients to execute with IKON, while maintaining their funds directly with Deutsche Bank and UBS.

IKON GROUP Service and Products

Powerful Brand and Exclusive NASDAQ Partner

IKON is a powerful brand name backed by powerful products, giving customers direct access to the online global Financial Markets at a fraction of the normal cost by utilizing cutting edge technology and knowhow. In addition, IKON Group is the exclusive partner of NASDAQ OMX Exchange. IKON Group was voted the Best ECN Forex Broker in Europe and the Best ECN Forex Broker in Asia for 2013 by the Global Banking and Finance Review. The awards were given based on the ratings of the massive readership reviews from over 160 countries.